App Notes

Application notes are documenting a design or a tool in a way that is useful for people that implement application. They often show how to do things with the whole system.

People are urged to write up their experiences in an application note and submit this as a PR on Github.

Integrate Apache Karaf and Bnd toolchain Shows how to leverage Bnd remote debugger to integrate Bnd and Apache Karaf
The Bndtools Workspaces How to work with workspaces
Concurrency OSGi is multi-threaded and service calls will happen on different threads. This App note discusses the concurrency issues and provides a number of standard patterns that work well in OSGi (and outside).
Data Transfer Objects (DTO) OSGi started to heavily use DTO's since R5. DTOs do not look very object oriented, this application note provides the reasoning why DTOs .
Extending Gogo Shell A primer on how to write commands in the Gogo shell
Interceptors in OSGi Discussion of the ins and outs of using proxies in OSGi
Modulariy Maturiy Model (MMM) he Modularity Maturity Model was proposed by Dr Graham Charters at the OSGi Community Event 2011, as a way of describing how far down the modularity path an organisation or project is.
Using Native Libraries in a Bundle Discusses the issues with native libraries and OSGi
Notes about Resolution Notes regarding resolving bundle capabilities and requirements
Resolving Resolving is one of the cornerstones of OSGi. This app note discusses the backrgound of resolving and outlines how to work with the resolver.
Getting Xcore to work in Bndtools How to make an Xcore project work within Bndtools, both via the UI and command line.