OSGi Specifications

OSGi technology is a set of specifications that defines a dynamic component system for Java. These specifications reduce software complexity by providing a modular architecture for large-scale distributed systems as well as small, embedded applications. Access to the OSGi Specifications are available from the OSGi Alliance web site.

RFCs and RFPs

The design of the OSGi specification is done in the open via a Github repository. This repository holds OSGi RFP and RFC documents. RFP documents are requirements documents and found in the rfps/ folder. RFC documents are design documents and found in numbered subfolders of the rfcs/ folder.

The documents in this repository are non-final specification design work which either propose to modify existing published OSGi specifications from the OSGi specification documents or propose new specifications to potentially be incorporated in future OSGi specification documents. The lists are maintained by the OSGi community and may not always be up to date.

Readers are expected to be familiar with OSGi Technology and the currently published OSGi specification documents. Readers should refer to http://www.osgi.org/Technology/HomePage for more information on the OSGi Technology. There readers can find a description of the OSGi Technology, as well as links to white papers and the OSGi specification documents, which are all available for download.

For further information see the OSGi Alliance blog post regarding opening up access to the RFPs and RFCs.


The contents of this repository are made available to the public under the terms of the OSGi Distribution and Feedback License.