Bndtools Explorer

The Bndtools Package Explorer is an extension of the Eclipse Package Explorer. The explorer provides an overview of the projects and their contents. It is extended with a search bar for projects and some extra filters. You an make simple searches or use the bnd globbing. That is, you can wildcards (example*bar) but also multiple searches in one, for example, foo|bar to find multiple projects.

Icons are used extensively to mark the projects in the explorer. They are either used as direct icons for an object (e.g. a bnd.bnd file) or are used to decorate existing icons. For example, if a package is exported or not. The following image shows all icons in their context.

Bndtools Explorer

Pseudo Targets

You can filter on the following additional targets:

pseudo targets

Note that you can combine he pseudo targets with the '|' operator, e.g. :e|lib.


Bndtools adds the following icons in the Package Explorer:

bnd project file Contains all the project configuration. The project configuration inherits properties from from cnf/build.bnd and any bnd files in cnf/ext/
*.bnd file A general bnd file. This is either a bnd file in the cnf directory to configure the workspace or it can be a sub bundle when in a project. Bndtools contains a special editor for the bnd files. This type of file is generally used in an inheritance hierarchy.
*.bndrun file Describes a launch configuration. The required bundles can be indicated with initial requirements that the Bndtools resolver can turn into a list of bundles. An extensive editor is available to edit the launch configuration. A project can contain many bndrun files.
build.bnd This is the master configuration file of the workspace. When Bndtools starts, bnd first reads the bnd files in the cnf/ext/ directory, and then the cnf/build.bnd file. Any property or header set in this file is available to any project. There is only one such file in a workspace and it is also used as the marker file for a workspace.
Bnd Bundle Path Bnd Bundle Path – This is an Eclipse Library container for Bndtools. The children of the container are specified in the project’s bnd.bnd file in the -buildpath and -testpath instructions. Entries from the -testpath are shaded since Eclipse Photon and bnd 4.1.0. The entries are automatically updated when changes are made to the workspace.
Dependency with attached source A Bnd Bundle Path dependency with source code attached. If the icon is darker then it is a test dependency.
Dependency A Bnd Bundle Path dependency without source code attached. If the icon is darker then it is a test dependency.
Dependency A Bnd Bundle Path dependency without source code attached that is only used for test code.
Component class A class that is a DS component. The general icon for a component is an eco friendly green LED.
Component package A package that contains DS components
src folder The source folder classes that are part of the bundle
test folder The source folder for test code.
Private package A private package in a bundle. This package is included but not exported.
Exported package An exported package of a bundle. If the package has a version it will also be displayed.
Excluded package A package that is not included in any bundle. This is rare and not a good practice so it is generally a warning sign.

If you’re looking for other icons, the Eclipse Help shows a further reference of all icons.