Install Bndtools 7.0.0

You can install Bndtools via the Marketplace or directly install from the Update Site

To get then started with the bndtools Workspace model, you can follow some videos that can get you started.


  • Bndtools is built to run on Eclipse 2020-06 or later. So Bndtools 7.0.0 may not run on older versions of Eclipse.

For more complete information on the changes in the Bndtools release, see

Known Issues

  • This release is based on Java 17. This tends to be not noticed for developmet but there are a number of runtime bundles in the distribution that now also have become Java 17 code. This could generate the error during a bndrun launch or with bnd/OSGi testing when the Execution Environment is set to < 17. The easy fix is to set this to 17. If this is impossible, the previous launchers than run on 1.8 can then be used (if they are available in the repositories). Add
    -runpath \
      biz.aQute.launcher;version="[6.4.0,7)", \


The recommended way to install Bndtools via the Eclipse Marketplace.

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

Update Site

  • From the Help menu select Install New Software...
  • When the dialog opens, click the Add... button near the top-right.
  • In the Name field enter Bndtools. In the Location field enter one of the the following URLs
Type URL
Latest stable release
Latest release candidate
Latest build snapshot
  • Press Next and then Finish, acknowledging the licenses