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Bndtools Release Candidate 1 for 5.1.0

The 5.1.0.RC1 build is now available as of May 15 2020. This is a big release with lots of new features and performance enhancements. Some highlights:

  • Faster builds when you used the system macro
  • Quick fix for -buildpath and -testpath based on class name
  • New JAR viewer with better visualization & find action that uses Eclipse’s editors to view the files, including JAR files.
  • Debug of a bndrun file automatically attaches source for all its specified bundles and JARs.
  • Repositories view shows any problems in repositories
  • Copy all GAVs from a POM repository in .mvn format to move from a Bnd Pom Repository to an easier to read Maven Bnd Repository.
  • Bndtools Explorer can filter on projects that have warnings or errors
  • Quick Access support for exporting or running bndrun files and selecting a project
  • Updated to support Java 15
  • Support for parallel builds in Gradle
  • Source code generation from inside bnd with a new -generate instruction.
  • A JavaGen template processor that can generate source code based on the workspace properties.
  • A -define-contract
  • Support for the upcoming OSGi Connect specification in the launcher via the Service Loader.
  • A macro to find providers of a specific capability.
  • Many reporting improvements on the bnd command line tool.
  • Improvided source handling in maven releases

Please try it out and provide feedback so we can iron out the last bits.

  • Bnd (maven repo) repository URL:
  • Bndtools (p2 update site) repository URL:
  • Bndtools GAV: biz.aQute.bnd:biz.aQute.bndlib:5.1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • Bnd Gradle Plugin buildscript: buildscript { repositories { maven { url ‘’ } } dependencies { classpath ‘biz.aQute.bnd:biz.aQute.bnd.gradle:5.1.0-SNAPSHOT’ } }
  • Bnd Maven Plugins: bnd-snapshots default false

Release notes are at

Please try this out and report any issues.

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