Bndtools Blog


This is the first post in the Bndtools blog. The blog is open to anybody that wants to write an article about the experiences with Bndtools. Hopefully positive but feel free to submit a critical article. After all, although positive feedback releases our serotonins, only criticism can help us make Bndtools better.

If you want to submit a blog, make a PR on the _posts directory in the repository. Just clone the repository on your own system. Then add a new file to the _posts directory.

  • The name of the file must be
  • Edit the YAML header (stuff between --- and ---)
    • layout = ‘post’
    • title = Title of your post
    • description = a short description of the post, keep it in about 2 lines. This is a YAML header so if you start to use anything but plain ASCII, quote it with double quotes.
    • comments = true if you’d like comments on the post
    • author = your name
  • Write your post. The post will start with your title as an H2 header so do not repeat it in your post.
  • If possible, include a decent photo at the first line that someone with imagination can link to the article. Make sure it has a copyright that does not cost us money. For example, creative commons. Attribute the author if necessary.
  • You can test it locally $ cd $ bundle exec jekyll serve -w $ open http://localhost:4000/posts.html
  • Spell check it, review it
  • Read the contribution faq
  • Create a PR with your change on Github
    • make sure it contains a signoff like Signed-off-by: Peter Kriens <>, using your own name and email.

If this is too hard because you’re git challenged, just send it to me.

Peter Kriens