Install Bndtools

Bndtools currently supports all versions of Eclipse from Luna (4.4)* up to and including Oxygen (4.7). *Bndtools m2e (Maven) support requires Eclipse Mars (4.5) or later.

Via Marketplace

The recommended way to install Bndtools.

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Via Update Site

Use the update site if your Eclipse installation does not include the Marketplace client.

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Install a Development Snapshot or an Older Version »

Eclipse Marketplace

Drag and drop this install button onto your running Eclipse: Drag to your running Eclipse workspace. NB: Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

… OR …


From the Help menu select Eclipse Marketplace.

If this is the first time you have used the marketplace, you may* be asked to choose a solutions catalog. Select Eclipse Marketplace and click next.


Type bnd into the search field and click Go.

Click "Install" next to the Bndtools entry.


Drive the wizard to completion, following the on-screen instructions.

Update Site


From the Help menu select Install New Software...

When the dialog opens, click the "Add..." button near the top-right.


In the Name field enter Bndtools. In the Location field enter one of the the following URLs and click OK. For the latest stable release:

For other versions, see the table below.


Ensure that Bndtools is selected from the "Work with" drop-down selector. Then place a check next to Bndtools in the Software list and click Next.


Click Next again to confirm the installation operation.

Drive the wizard to completion, following the on-screen instructions.

Installing Development or Older Versions

The Eclipse Marketplace can only be used to install the current stable version of Bndtools. If you want to install a development milestone or an old version, you must use the update site method as shown above. The following update site URLs are available:

VersionUpdate Site URL
Development Snapshot NB: This build tracks the very latest version of the code, and is likely to be unstable or contain experimental features.
Current Release 3.5.0 (29 Sept 2017)
Release 3.4.0 (25 Jul 2017)
Release 3.3.0 (17 Sep 2016)
Release 3.2.0 (16 May 2016)
Release 3.1.1 (22 Jan 2016)
Release 3.1.0 (18 Dec 2015)
Release 3.0.0 (10 Sep 2015)
Release 2.4.0 (3 Nov 2014)
Release 2.3.0 (10 May 2014)
Release 2.2.2 (25 Jan 2013)

Note that bugfixes will not generally be supplied for old versions.